Friday, March 30, 2007

Memo to Brady Clark

To: Brady Clark
From: Humma Kavula
Re: Grounding into a Triple Play


I've got my eye on you.

Sincerely yours,

The Juan Pierre OutWatch


troy said...

I'm rooting for you Brady. I'm a Dodger fan.

jimbilly4 said...

The funny thing is I was just noting that the official formula for determing outs does not account for hitting into a triple play. By adding at bats to GIDP, it counts two outs for a double play so clearly it should count three total for a triple play. No one keeps track of GITP in any stat sheet because I seriously doubt anyone has hit into more than one in a season (how about a career?). But clearly the formula needs the addendum + "2xGITP" for anal retentive completeness.

Here is another question for the stat. Is GIDP just mislabeled? GIDP stands for "Grounding into a double play", but a lot of double plays are actually
LIDPs (Lined into a Double Play). I assume these still end up in this GIDP column. What about the very rare FIDP (Flied IDP)? That probably shouldn't count as that rare situation requires some serious failure in baserunning, i.e. it is the runner's fault, not the batter. I figure it all gets tossed into GIDP, but the wordsmith in me is disturbed. It should then be just DPs.

Oh and I think Kavula was joking about Clark. At least for now, anyways. If he puts up decent batting average but poor on-base and power, then he will hate him as well. I keep telling him to hate the sin and love the sinner, but he seems to need a face to throw darts at. Fair enough. We all gots our demons.

Humma Kavula said...

My very favorite play in baseball is the unassisted triple play. It requires just the right circumstances -- usually, guys on first and second and a batted ball lined hard to the shortstop or second baseman. He catches the liner, steps on second, and tags the runner coming from first.

I love it because it's rare -- more rare than a perfect game.

I remember driving home from San Francisco one Sunday. NPR news comes on at the top of the hour and there's a headline: "There has been an unassisted triple play in baseball. Randy Velarde of the Oakland A's...."

joeyp said...

Great blog!

Love it. LOVE IT!

Check out my anti-Dodger blog. It's super cool too!