Sunday, August 5, 2007

Another one run loss

Another day, another razor-thin margin, another tick in the L column. This is beginning to get painful.

1. K, swinging. #359.
2. Singled to center. To 2nd on a balk. Would score.
3. Hit by pitch.
4. Singled to right, scored on Nomar's homer.
5. Popped to center. #360.

That's a fine day by Juan... and they did score 7 runs.... But Lowe gives up 6 (4 earned) and Houlton gives up 2 and 7 runs is not enough.

* * *

Meaningless but maybe interesting:

In their current loss streak (9 out of 12), the Dodgers' wins have been by one run, two runs, and eight runs. Their losses:

4 by one run
2 by two runs
2 by three runs
1 by four runs

* * *

Jimmy Rollins, with 363 outs, has taken over the major league lead.


Gus said...
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Humma Kavula said...

Congratulations, Gus, on penning the first comment that managed to get deleted from the OutWatch.

All opinions are allowed on the OutWatch, but racial epithets are not opinions. I have had a long, long fuse with regard to the comments left here, but that's something I can't allow.

Commenters may continue to say anything they like about me.