Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fun with Splits: NL West

How badly was Juan Pierre doing against lefties entering this game? So badly that this execrable performance raised his on-base percentage.

1. Walked.
2. Grounded to third. #348.
3. Grounded to first. #349.
4. K, looking. #350.

That's right -- where he was once .241/.271/.268 against southpaws, he is now .237/.273/.263.

With the same number of games played as Rollins, they are exactly tied for the major league lead.

* * *

Fun with splits: against the NL WEST!

Baseball being what it is, it is most important that Juan Pierre does well against our vaunted NL West rivals. What's he do?

vs. San Diego: .277/.306/.298/.604
vs. Arizona: .282/.333/.359/.692
vs. Colorado: .313/.324/.344/.668
vs. Jints!: .205/.239/.205/.444

In some ways, this isn't surprising. Pierre sees most of his action in the division, so that's going to drive his season averages as a whole. But wow, that 444 OPS against the Giants -- he hits the Giants worse than he hits lefties. That is saying something.

vs. NL West -- and check my math here, somebody -- .265/.298/.321. That performance against the Giants drags this into dreckdom.


jimbilly4 said...

He may have raised his OBP, but he lowered both his AVG and OPS.

I am not entirely sure the splits against teams is that significant. We are only talking 44 ABs. I am too lazy to look it up, but I think his earlier Giant at bats were during his early awful opening slump. Plus the Giants have a couple of lefties. Still,playing poorly against the Giants would be reason enough to dislike the guy.

And finally, because I have become obsessed with it: All the July numbers are in and Juan's numbers are virtually indistinguishable from the other months.


Admittedly his best month yet, but 10 point bumps in OBP and SLG are not really a significant difference. And for those who keep claiming Juan has "turned it around", one more Split.

Pre-All Star: .282/.311/.338
Post-All Star: .254/.315/.284

Only 67 ABs, but is clearly ice cold.

jimbilly4 said...

Apparently no one but Humma is allowed to post splits. I humbly apologize for any fire might have stolen.

On the plus side, Juan had a good night and was integral to the Dodgers' win. Which was going to screw up your post anyway.