Thursday, April 19, 2007

4-3. Repeat at will.

2-for-5 with a run scored and an RBI. Good stuff, but still: four outs. Come on, Juan.

1. Grounded to second. There you are, old friend. #54.
2. Singled to left.
3. Grounded to second. Like a broken record. #55.
4. Bunted up the third base line, and out. Now, at Crazy Juan's, we've got 27 outs and they all must go! Crazy Juan's, where the at-bats are INSANE! #56.
5. RBI SINGLE! Great stuff, Juan. But then you were caught stealing. Aaarrrrrgghhh. #57.


jimbilly4 said...

Why would you steal in that situation? Nomar is sitting there with a 2-0 count, so might walk (he did). Plus Furcal is standing on third with 1 out, so a fly ball scores him. It doesn't seema good risk/reward situation, i.e you get caught and then a fly ball scores no one. I suppose it could keep you out of a double play, but which is more likely? A DP or a

Oh well, 11-5. That is sweet. Winning record against all NL West teams. Also sweet. Hendrickson actually pitching well: priceless.

jimbilly4 said...

or CS. Sorry. Distracted in middle of update.

Humma Kavula said...

I was really disappointed by that.

The fact that the team is 11-5 is awesome. It's been easy to watch these games. But they have been relying very heavily on their pitching, and I wonder if the pitchers will be able to keep up these superhuman performances. When the pitchers come back to earth, we are going to need a much stronger performance from guys like Pierre.

Right now, he's stealing bases at a 63% clip (small numbers warning -- he's five for eight). That is hurting the team. He will have to improve. He needs to steal four straight just to bring himself to 75% -- the break-even point.

71 and 91 said...



jimbilly4 said...

I have now gone 4 days [4, curse you!] without a snotty Juan Pierre comment.

Fortunately I used the time to figure out that 71-91 refers to the Dodgers' 2005 final record. I can only assume this refers to the Dodgers similarly good start (they in fact were 13-6 in 2005). So this hot start could deteriorate to that kind of stinkipooitude.

The added depth to the Dodgers this year has been discussed extensively across the internets. I will just add to that the slight mathematical difference between the two starts. The 2005 Dodgers went 12-2 followed by 1-4, while the 2007 edition has been much more consistent, winning or splitting every series except the opener in Milwaukee. Probably meaningless at this point, but would could extrapolate that the 2005 edition had one lucky, hot streak while the 2007 edition has generally played good, solid ball.

But to end on a note of pessimism, because that is what the people like, this weekend was a bit ugly. The Dodgers should have lost two games. And Pierre seems a bigger and bigger defensive liability with each game. I knew he couldn't throw, but I am becoming less and less convinced he can catch. He may be very good at hitting singles, but if that is really the extent of his abilities...

Well, I guess we count his outs. In the meantime I have to funish writing my marriage proposal for Russel Martin. I would totally JoeyP that guy.