Saturday, April 14, 2007

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Just when we had joined the "Juan Pierre is not completely useless" bandwagon, he goes and has his Friday.

The Dodgers scored nine runs and cruised to an easy 9-1 victory over the Padres, who have been a thorn in the Dodgers' side in recent years. That's the good -- no, great -- news. The Dodgers are 7-3. Awesome.

And then you look at the box score and you see the dead weight: 5 0 0 0. And of couse the name next to that lovely line is Pierre CF.

I say "dead weight," but even the lovely and talented and patient Mrs. Kavula says, "He's more than dead weight. He's rowing in the other direction."

We are winning now, but if Pierre doesn't start pulling his weight, I fear it will not last. I am enjoying it while it lasts, but it comes naturally to me to be the voice of impending doom.

I found this sentence in the L.A. Times particularly enlightening:

"...[E]very starter except Juan Pierre had at least one hit, even Lowe, who beat out a roller, walked twice, sacrificed and scored."

1. Flied to left. #35.
2. Grounded to pitcher leading off the third. The Dodgers would score three runs this inning. #36.
3. Grounded to first with runners on second and third. Nomar would cash them in. #37.
4. Grounded to pitcher. I didn't watch this game.... what's with all the grounders to the pitcher? If Colletti is handing out $9 million a year to hit the ball 60 feet, I am available. "Kavula" would look great on the back of a Dodger uniform. #38.
5. Grounded to second. Ah, there's the Juan Pierre I know and loathe. #39.

0-for-5 when the rest of the team gets hits. So it goes.

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ArtHTracy said...

I don't loathe JP. JP is what he is. I loathe Colleti. And Lasorda. And the phrase "it is what it is."