Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Credit where it's due

Juan won't get any credit for his exploits last night. And I don't want to overstate the case -- if he'd managed to do something better than he did earlier in the game, the Dodgers wouldn't have needed his mild heroics in the 8th inning. That said, he did hit the single that knocked Betemit over to third so that Martin could hit the sac fly that brought home the winning run. Betemit will get credit for his walk and Martin for his sacrifice, but Pierre's single was clutch, too.

That said, not a great day for Juan... but a win's a win, the Dodgers are 5-3, and I'm generally happy.

1. Grounded to second. Out, 4-3, #29.
2. Grounded to first. Out #30.
3. Singled to center, then caught stealing, 2-4. Out #31.
4. Clutch single to center.

His best hit of the young season so far.


joeyp said...

I love your Dodger hate.
You're making me a tad jealous.

Hopefully the Rox can bounce back tonite and The Pads stick it to Colletti's pieces of shit over the weekend.


I miss that man.

I'd give anything to fuck him in the ass.

jimbilly4 said...

Bizarre homo-eroticism aside, I just notice the
Quixote quote (hard to see with white on light blue).

Has that been there all along and what is its significance in regards to this page? Are you Sancho or Quixote? Is Pierre a windmill or a giant? Damn it, man, there is too much room for different interpretations.

jimbilly4 said...

OK, I just saw your addendum to the last entry... and I still don't understand. His at bats are the giants that you are attacking? So this whole page is a quixotic quest to attack at bats that rational Sanchos don't see as a problem?

Wow, you did torture that poor phrase beyond all human decency.

Plus, this whole thing is further muddled by the fact that the Dodgers arch-rivals are the Giants. Personally, I think this year you should be tilted at Padres, although I suppose spearing defenseless Priests in the head is slightly less heroic.

Humma Kavula said...

I think you're missing the larger point here, which is that Juan Pierre is a big poopyhead.

Albeit a big poopyhead who happened to have a nice hit in the 8th last night.

By the way: I'm a charter member of the Russell Martin Marching and Chowder Society, but even I wonder if the hagiographies that were written of his play in last night's game were a little over the top.