Thursday, April 5, 2007

The first good day

Juan goes 2-for-4 (officially), made only three outs (one was a sacrifice)... and the Dodgers win! A good day.

1. You singled to center...

2. ...and then bunted and beat it out...

3. ...and then you pressed your luck, bunted again, and you were out, 2-3. Out #9.

4. The 7th inning saw your third bunt of the day. This one was a sacrifice, so it won't hurt your batting average, but it will get counted in the OutWatch. Score it 2-3, and mark it as out #10.

5. You grounded out to shortstop, 6-3, snuffing the Dodgers' big 8th-inning rally. Out #11.

With 11 outs over 3 days, Juan Pierre is on a pace for 594 outs. I don't expect him to keep that up.

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