Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spreading the blame

Last night's loss, painful as it was, was not Juan's fault. He managed some timely hits, including the 8th... and the game ended with him on deck.

You have to wonder if this game would have been different if Lowe had pitched a little better, if Gonzalez hadn't grounded into that DP to end the 8th, if Furcal had managed a base hit in the 9th....

Still: this is the Juan Pierre OutWatch, and yesterday, he had three.

1. Flied to center. #66.
2. Grounded to second. Hello, old friend. #67.
3. Flied to center. #68.
4. Singled to right.

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jimbilly4 said...

Not to be a wise ass, but considering Lowe allowed 4 of the 5 runs (3 earned) and they lost by two. Yes, the game would have been different if he had pitched better. For instance, he could have not allowed the home run to Dave Roberts. That would have made a difference in the score.

Of course I think you mean what if Lowe had been luckier. That 5th inning had a bunch of crap that led to 2 runs. A couple of errors didn't help, neither. If Martin doesn't get his act together I will tear up the wedding invites. I swear I will. {Never}