Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not completely useless

A few minutes after game time, I found myself wondering just exactly when Pierre might start leading off the game by getting on base. I realize that 0-for-10 in these situations is not horrible, but I fear I'll blink and it'll become 4-for-50.

Then, a couple of innings later, Pierre did his job and proved himself not completely useless: he got on with a two-out, bases empty single, which started the 3-run rally. And it was early in the game -- the 3rd -- so Penny and his relievers pitched with the lead for 2/3 of the game. Good stuff.

I will ignore the fact that those were the only runs they scored, and that they have scored only 8 runs in their last three games, and that we are relying on a pitching staff that employs Brett Tomko to play a key role, and instead I will focus only on this:

Behind their great pitching, the Dodgers are 6-3. Very good.

1. Grounded to second. Out, 4-3. #32.
2. This was the two-out single that began the 3-run rally that would be the only runs of the game.
3. Grounded to third. #33.
4. Bunt out to catcher. I know Juan is supposed to be good at this, but this is maybe my least favorite play in baseball. It's basically saying, "We don't care about runs. Here, have a free out." #34.

After his somewhat successful series against Colorado, Juan Pierre is now on pace to make only 612 outs. A mere pittance!

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