Sunday, April 8, 2007

Catching up

Catching up with the Dodgers: two wins, which is good. Two mediocre performances from Juan Pierre, which was predictable.


1. Strikeout, for out #17 of the year -- and at that point, more strikeouts than hits on the year;
2. Fielder's choice, out #18; Pierre did go on to steal his first base as a Dodger. Yay.
3. Grounded to short, out #19;
4. Singled to center -- yay! Would go on to score! Yay!
5. Grounded to third, out #20.


1. The play-by-play doesn't have it, and I was at brunch, so I didn't see it... but apparently, Juan Pierre fouled out to the catcher on the first pitch of the game while attempting to bunt. I hate you, Juan Pierre. You just made out #21 of the year;
2. Strikeout, out #22 (and strikeout #4);
3. Grounded to short, out #23;
4. Singled to short! Yay! Part of a brilliant double steal! Yay! But out at the plate on Kent's fielder's choice.
5. Grounded to first, out #24 on the year.

24 outs in six games. Them's good eatin'.


ArtHTracy said...

Here's MLB's top ten out makers through 4/8:

24 - J Pierre, J Kendall

23 - M Young, F Lopez, S Stewart

22 - C Delgado, C Young, A Soriano,
E Chavez, G Anderson

jimbilly4 said...

I fear Kendall may be on the downside of his career.
Catchers are like beautiful spring flowers that dry up in the scorching days of late summer. That and all the crouching is murder on the knees.

That being said, it has only been 6 games. If Pierre is still hitting anything like this going into May, he will not be setting any Outs records. He will find he is spending a lot of time on the bench.

Humma Kavula said...

Agreed. That's what makes it so extraordinarily difficult to make 600 outs. If his hitting doesn't improve, he'll first be dropped from leadoff to the eighth spot, and then, he'll be benched altogether.

But here's why I think Juan could set the record: he could have a mind-numbingly horrible April, logging -- say -- 100, 110 outs. Then, his hitting could improve somewhat in early May, enough not only to keep his job, but his leadoff job. He makes over 500 outs anyway; throw in a really terrible month and immortality could be his!