Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sweet Seventeen

After a long day of looking for houses, it was just after four when I turned on the radio. "Let's see if the Dodgers are still playing," said I.

They were in the 13th. My gosh.

Juan's contribution: 2-for-7 with a walk. On base three times in eight at-bats. That's a way-above-average day for Juan. Good for you, dude! Of course, one of those is the bunt single that probably should have been fielded cleanly and you should have been thrown out... which would have made it 2 times on base in 8 at-bats, which would have been below average even for you. Just sayin'.

1. Bunt single. Didn't see it, but reading the play-by-play, it seems that this one can be pinned on Wells' fielding error. Blind squirrel, meet the acorn. Acorn, this is the blind squirrel.
2. Grounder to first. #82.
3. K, looking. #83.
4. Flied to left, #84.
5. Single to center.
6. Walked; would steal 2nd.
7. Flied to center, #85.
8. Fielder's choice, #86.

Juan's pace is now 557 outs.


ArtHTracy said...

Out leaders through 4/29:

Byrnes and Sheff ease out of the top 10. Markakis has a 26 out week. Carlos Lee vaults to second with a 30 out week!

86 JP(632)
84 M Young(585)
84 N Markakis(696)
84 C Lee(738)
83 R Zimmerman(620)
83 F Lopez(635)
83 D Uggla(744)
82 M Cameron(498)
81 B Phillips(792)
80 M Mora(816)

I can see Zimmerman, Lopez, Phillips and Uggla contending for the title if their clubs are patient with them.
Michael Young has to start hitting sometime. Doesn't he?

jimbilly4 said...

While the Dodgers ended up winning, I am still mildly irate with Juan Pierre for failing to put down a bunt in the 15th (I think it was the 15th... there were a lot innings to keep track of).

We had a lead off walk (or hit?) by Furcal and the man paid to be one of the league's greatest bunters bunted the ball foul twice before weakly knocking into the Fielder's Choice. Needless to say, no one advanced to second that inning and we required two more shut out innings from our pitching staff... who were fortunately up to it.