Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be...

...as for me, I was at Dodger Stadium, watching the Arizona Diamondbacks make mincemeat of my Dodgers in a lackluster contest. Diamondbacks scored 9 and left 16 on. Oy.

Juan did not have a good night. Initially, I sat on my hands, but after his third out -- and a poor play in center -- I could not resist unleashing the catcalls.

I mean, fer pete's sake, Wilson Betemit takes all sorts of crap for not hitting at all this year, and rightfully so -- but his OBP is within a couple of points of Pierre's. They get on at about the same rate. Juan and the guy who takes crap for not getting on at all. Don't take this as a defense of Betemit -- we need a better answer at 3B. We also need a better answer at CF.

1. Flied to left. #87.
2. Grounded back to the pitcher. #88.
3. Flied to left. #89.
4. Walked. (Yeah, walked!)

Juan's pace: 554.


jimbilly4 said...

In their defense, the Dodgers (Juan included) were probably a bit tired. I mean, we were rowing upstream with the Webb start to beign with. While I don't think laying down is a good idea, if there was a game to do it in, this one was probably it. Rest up and come back energized against pitchers that did not win the Cy Young last year.

Humma Kavula said...

Oh, I agree 100%.

Except for letting Juan off the hook. I hate that guy.

Humma Kavula said...

By the way, today, Uggla is still one out behind Pierre for the major league lead.

Uggla walked in the first.

Come on, Uggla! Swing! You can do it!

jimbilly4 said...

That is a most unfortunate surname. I hope it is prettier in his homeland.

Hmmm. Apparently his homeland is Tennessee. And his middle name is Cooley. He just can't catch a break.