Thursday, June 28, 2007

13 Angry Men (Left On)

We knew this would be a tough game going in. Brandon Webb is one of the best pitchers in the league. It's just frustrating when you get scoring opportunity after scoring opportunity and can't cash none of 'em in. 13 left on base, zero runs scored. That's the Dodger offense we've come to know and live with in mind-numbing agony.

Juan had a nice plate appearance in the third. Not so much, rest of the game.

1. Flied to center. #253.
2. Walked! Stole second! Stole third! Got stranded!
3. "Lined to pitcher," says the yahoo play-by-play, but I recall this being my least favorite play: the bunt pop-out. Either way, it's #254.
4. Fielder's choice. #255.
5. Grounded to short. #256.

Juan for five in a 2-0 loss. What can ya do. Meanwhile, on the James Loney front, #7 goes 3-for-4. Holy cats, is that guy seeing the ball well or what?

Juan's pace: 531 outs. He's just two off of Zimmerman for the league lead!


jimbilly4 said...

Pierre's bunts are my number one Pierre pet peeve. It is not that I have a problem with the bunt.

It is that Pierre is not a good bunter.

He does it all the time. One could argue that it is his signature move. And he is just not that good at it. He relies on the fact that he is fast enough that it will always be tough to get him out.

He can't drag bunt. He pops out this way a ridiculous number of times. Time and time again he is asked to bunt guys over and fails. For God's sake, if you are trying to bunt a guy from 2nd to 3rd you need to bunt it where the 3rd baseman has to field it. One thing you should not do is place it where the catcher or pitcher has an easy throw to 3rd.

There I let that anger go. I feel better. Saaaaaay, you don't suppose that is the purpose of this sort of site do you? A venue to vent anger so you can continue to cheer on your team? Hmmm.

Nope. It is because we all hate baseball, Dodgers, and Apple Pie. Fucking sweet and buttery pie. Where does it get off?!

greg pellam said...

Oooooh! This site makes me so maaad! Argh! Depo...cock...grrr...batting average!