Monday, June 25, 2007

Movin' Day (Part I)

Apologies, loyal readers and OutWatchers. It's been a busy weekend for Mrs. Kavula and I. Next weekend is the big move -- we move into our new home and wait for the arrival of Spawn of Kavula. That is causing much anxiety and not much time to OutWatch.

After reading about the games, though, perhaps it's all for the best.

SATURDAY's box score is extremely troubling. It says the Dodgers left 15 men on base. What'd Juan do?

1. Grounded to pitcher. #237.
2. Fielder's choice. #238.
3. Singled to left.
4. SQUEEZE! Redemption, finally! And #239!
5. Lined into double play. Aarrggghhh. #240 (apparently, this only counts for one out.)

SUNDAY -- no better. Apparently, Grady Little thinks they aren't trying hard enough. I think if you give up 9 runs, you'll generally lose... the pitching has generally been great, so don't pick on them. Pick on the offense all you like.

1. Singled to center. Would be erased on Martin's double play. I amend my previous sentence: pick on the offense all you like unless you pick on Russell Martin, because he is thirteen kinds of awesome, despite this double play.
2. Singled to center; caught stealing. #241. Apparently, he got jobbed on this play. Hopefully, a little later, I'll have a report from someone who actually saw it.
3. Grounded into double play. #242 and #243.
4. Grounded to second. #244.

Wow, that's some fantastic outmaking over the weekend by Juan... pushing his pace all the way up to 527 outs.

Juan's back to the Juan we know. Since his 3 SB game last week, he's 5-for-22 with no walks, a double, and a CS (that's .227/.227/.318). Yeah, five games, I know. Small sample size, blah blah blah. That's an OPS of 545 and it won't even get him dropped from the 2-spot in the lineup, much less benched.

I will continue to post as opportunity allows, but when the Actual Moving Day comes on Saturday (meaning the computer gets unplugged Friday night at the latest), be prepared for a big gap in your OutWatch entertainment.


jimbilly4 said...

He is charging back into contention for outs, presently in third place and only 5 behind the leader (Zimmerman).

As much as I am displeased with the double play Pierre lined into, I have to agree with the non-double out designation. Only force outs should be given to the batter (or potentially people tagged out in place of a force out... quite the rare event). So this does not belong in the addendums.

Humma Kavula said...

Never let it be said that Juan isn't good at anything. He is really, really good at keeping his job while making tons of outs. Despite being stuck in the 2-spot, despite playing several games in the 8-spot, despite sitting out almost an entire game, he's near the league lead in outs and has managed to keep his job.

That's incredible. OK, that's not true. It's entirely credible, just no fun to watch.