Saturday, June 9, 2007

Juan's back, and more the same than ever!

Last night was a frustrating, joyful, frustrating, and joyful game to watch, in that order.

Memo to the Dodgers: when Juan does his job and does it well, you cannot waste the effort. It just doesn't happen often enough that you can let such opportunities go to waste.

Memo to the Times, Daily News, and P-E: See, Sammy Saito can blow saves, too -- and his was a home run. Sure, it was just one run, but that's the thing -- it happens to the best of 'em. So lay off Broxton.

Memo to Grady Little: when you use Matt Kemp as a pinch runner in a close game, you are wasting his bat.

Juan started the game quite well... then, not so much.

1. Singled to left. Stole second. Went to third on Furcal's flyout. He's on third with one out... and doesn't score. Come on, Dodgers!
2. Popped bunt out to pitcher. I know that Juan is supposed to be especially good at beating out the bunt, but it gives me hives to watch him try. I just hate this play. I know that my hate doesn't make sense -- if Juan is good at it, he should do it, but I just can't stand watching the ball go thirty feet for an out when he doesn't make it. Anyway, #201.
3. Grounded to second. #202.
4. Grounded to second. #203.

One for four, a stolen base, two grounders to second and a bunt pop-out. If there was just a fifth at-bat in which Pierre made flyout to shallow center, it would have been the most Pierrish game so far this year, but Saenz's walk-off home run came with Pierre on deck. Probably -- no, certainly -- for the best.

Pace: Well, I think all those games in the 2-spot and sitting out a full game have taken their toll on the record chase. Juan's now on a pace for "just" 539 outs, which would be fourth all time (and the Dodger record).

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