Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fantastic Five: Rise of the Silver Sluggers

Okay, the subject line overstates the case. The Dodgers' hitters are not going to be winning any awards this year. But the fearsome fivesome (I wonder who sits out when they play bridge?) of Pierre, Nomar, Kent, Gonzalez, and Martin went 11-for-20 with three walks and the 5th-worst offense in MLB entering Tuesday scored 10 runs to whomp on the Blue Jays.

Pierre played a big part.

1. Ground rule double to left! Would score!
2. Walked! Stole second! Stole third! Scored! Maury Wills, eat your heart out.
3. Singled to right! Stole second! Would score!
4. Grounded to short. #223.
5. Grounded to first. #224.

Sure, he also bobbled a play in the outfield that led to the Blue Jays' only run, but yeah, I think 2-for-4 witha double and a walk and three stolen bases and three runs scored might be considered a very good day. Congratulations, Juan! More, please! Make us eat our words! Unfortunately, Juan is still on a pace to set the Dodger record for outs. His pace is 518 and falling.

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