Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ohhhh Juan.

Say this for the guy: at least he's consistent. He goes out there every day, knowing he's mired in a season long slump, and gives it his all. Nothing changes for Juan... he just knows his game will come.

Unfortunately, it's not coming very quickly. Just when he seems to be having some success, he enters another minislump that makes me wonder if he ever got out of the maxislump to begin with.

Once again, it's difficult to get too upset about it when the Dodgers are pitching like they are... and The Kids are certainly driving the offense nicely (good game for just about all of 'em yesterday, when those of us who root for the kids big time got the lineup we'd been waiting for). I'm just picking on Juan because, well, it's easy, and I'm lazy.

1. Lined to center. #233.
2. Popped bunt out to pitcher. I swear, the more I see this play, the more I hate this play. I know it's just another out, but it drives me completely bonkers. #234.
3. Well-timed single to center! Comes home from a single by Martin! Wow, do we ever love Russell Martin. What a player!
4. Grounded to first. Nice of him to run it out... made it a close play, and only looking on the replay do we know for sure that Juan did, indeed, earn out #235.
5. No such questions about his K. #236. He's been better lately with the Ks, I have to say.

Pace: 524 outs.

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Andrew Shimmin said...

You going to count today's CS? Sure he got hosed, but an out's an out, says I.