Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Production continues

Juan follows a good game with a good game! What's going on here?

1. Lined out to center. #208.
2. Tripled to right! Run, Juan, Run!
3. Flied to center. #209.
4. Singled to second -- beat out grounder and went to second on an errant throw.

Of course, the true story of this game were the three home runs on three pitches by the 7-8-9 hitters, but I can't help it. Juan's pace is now 520 outs and still falling due to actual production at the plate. I could not be more happy for him.

It's also important to note -- I hadn't been paying attention! -- that Juan is no longer the league leader isn outs. That dubious honor goes to Jimmy Rollins, who has followed up his fantastic April (.297/.366/.613/.979) with a hoooooooorrrrrrrible May (.250/.279/.400/.679.... ouch, babe) and now has 216 outs. (In fairness, Rollins has been better so far in June, but there's a lot of June left to go.) Messrs. Lopez and Zimmerman, both of the Washingtons, are tied for second with 211 outs. Juan Pierre is fourth. With his initial lack of opportunity and his subsequent production, he is no longer quite the embarrassment that he was.

I just found the bright spot in Juan Pierre's 500+ out pace: "not quite the embarrassment." Hey, that's just the sunny guy I am.


71and91 said...

Dodgers keep rolling.
Trolls keep trolling.


joeyp said...

I ahte the Dodgers too.

Go Pads!

Go A's!

joeyp said...

Thilly me. I hate. Not ahte.

Humma Kavula said...

Hi! Thanks again for your comments. All points of view welcome here.

ytrytry said...

Not surprised to see Humma Kavula is a regular at DodgerThoughts. DT is is haven for those who wish failure to the Dodgers. Like a honey to bee.