Monday, June 18, 2007

The Return of Juan-for-Five

Well, at least the Dodgers won on Friday, so they didn't get swept... but man, the Angels do seem to have the Dodgers' number these days.

SATURDAY, the offense struggled, but they were in the game the whole way. After he was caught stealing -- on a guy who Vin pointed out is slow to the plate -- Juan ended up with one useful apperance and the Dodgers had no runs.

1. Flied to center. #216.
2. Singled to center!..... aaaaand caught stealing, #217.
3. Walked!
4. Grounded to second. #218.

SUNDAY was very bad. Juan-for-five returned...

1. Grounded bunt out to second. Juan's favorite play. #219.
2. Grounded to short. #220.
3. Grounded to first #221..
4. Singled to right.
5. Grounded to second. #222.

Juan's pace: 521 outs.

* * *

The OutWatch sends its very best to James Loney. Get well soon.

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jimbilly4 said...

In the Dodgers defense, the Angels are arguably the best team in baseball at this moment. The Red Sox have a marginally superior record, but the Angels have been playing better lately. I would also argue the Red Sox have been beating up on worse teams, like Baltimore, Toronto, Tampa Bay, and the pre-June Yankees, all of which are infrerior to Seattle and Oakland. Yes, the Rangers suck, but it don't make up for it.

Not that we should have lost 5 of 6 to any team, but bad luck will happen...