Monday, June 4, 2007


I'd had such high hopes for Juan after Tuesday. I don't know why; he's had a career of proving otherwise.

SATURDAY's loss was too bad. Kuo got a bit unlucky, then a bit lucky... but they lost the game because the offense did not show up.

1. Beat out a bunt to the shortstop.
2. Popped to right. #184.
3. Grounded to first. #185.
4. K. #186.

Nice game SUNDAY by the Dodgers, pulling victory from the Fightin' Tracys. I seem to recall that the Dodgers used to be on the losing end of this kind of game when the Tracy was on the other foot... Definitely a better-late-than-never performance by the Dodger offense.

Of course, Juan-for-five showed up.

1. Popped to left. #187.
2. Flied to left. #188.
3. Bunted to pitcher. #189.
4. Grounded to pitcher, beat it out! Lucky hit, but we'll take it.
5. K. #190.

Pace: 549 outs.

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