Friday, June 29, 2007

Movin' Day (Part II)

This will be the last post for a while. Movin' Day has arrived! We are grateful, but the internet goes with the old place and won't be up until Monday.

So what did Juan do yesterday?

1. K. #257.
2. Popped to center. #258.
3. Singled to short. Would score.
4. Grounded to first. #259.
5. Singled to right. Would score on an error.
6. Popped to second. #260.

So Juan gets a little more of that luck that we were talking about the other day. It's a fine day, but when we consider that it's the best we can expect on anything approaching a regular basis by Juan... it still looks pretty meh to me.

Part of me wonders how he keeps getting opportunities to make outs. Perhaps he is an alien -- the batter from another world -- who has brainwashed Dodger management into giving him a large fortune and a spot in the batting order. It is as likely a reason as any. He is not earning his spot with production.

Pace: 533 outs. And Washington didn't play yesterday, so -- TRIUMPH OF TRIUMPHS! -- Juan Pierre has retaken the major league lead in outs! He leads Zimmerman by two, Rollins by three, and Lopez by eight. Pierre is on an outmaking roll! Can anything stop him now?

Yes. Grady Little can. And should. But likely won't. Sigh. The alien, the batter from another world, will press on.

See you all on Monday... until then... Watch the outs, everywhere! Keep looking. Keep watching the outs!

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jimbilly4 said...

While 2 for 6 with 2 singles and a K is nothing to jump up and down about (for jumping in all directions see Loney comma James), a .333 batting day is perfectly respectable. True a .333 OBP is not great shakes, but at almost 30 points better than his present OBP it also helps.

It is not days like this that make me shake my fist. It is the Juan for fives with 2 bunt-outs. And those days have come way too often this year (see stats colon Pierre dash scribbled in margin "sucky").