Saturday, July 14, 2007

300 -- prepare for glory! Or, if not glory, mocking!

Juan Pierre began the game at 298 outs, meaning he was very likely to hit 300 before the day was through.

Not content to make just two outs, Juan doubled his pleasure, then went one better.

1. Grounded to short. #299.
2. Flied to center. #300.
3. Singled to right. Would score on Kent's homer.
4. Singled to left. Stole second. Would score on Kent's single.
5. Bunted to pitcher. #301.
6. Grounded to second. #302.
7. Flied to left. #303.

Still, that's a serious contribution -- his hits came at the right time. Not Juan's worst day.

His pace is 539 outs. He began the day three outs ahead of Rollins and Uggla; Rollins made just two outs and Uggla just one (three walks for him!), so Juan Pierre is the first man in the majors to reach 300 outs.

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