Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Worst yet

Words fail me.

1. Sacrifice. #273.
2. Popped to short. #274.
3. Grounded to short. #275.
4. Hit back to the box. #276.
5. Force play, #277; Caught Stealing, #278.

Six Dodger outs for Juan Pierre. In eight offensive innings. In a season of uselessness, this game saw Juan at his uselessest.

Pace: 536 outs. In extra innings, Rollins also makes 6 outs, though he required 13 offensive innings to match Juan's uselessness. Still, each of those outs counts just as much, and the bottom line is that Pierre is still one back on the major league lead.


jimbilly4 said...

It should be noted that the Dodgers not only won this game, but they also scored 7 runs. And this without Martin, as Lieberthal finally has the good game we knew he had in him.

Considering Pierre accounted for a full 25% of the outs (they only batted for 8 innings) I think this may go into the "winning despite" catagory.

jimbilly4 said...

In fairness, it should probably be mentioned that Pierre made a fine defensive catch up against the center field wall, so at least he contributed with his glove...

Still, 6 outs. I love that his first at bat is considered a sacrifice. No one sacrifices in the second at bat of the game. He failed to bunt for a hit that had the positive side effect of moving a runner over.

D4P said...

Darnit, Rollins, quit making so many outs...!!!

Martin said...

I think Juan Out is physically unable to swing the bat if there is a runner on first and less than two outs. He just HAS to bunt.

71and91 said...

Dodgers keep rolling.
Trolls keep trolling.

Nice blog. For the miserable Dodger fan I see. d4p made a visit.. nice.

So where's your blog on the 5-1 Rudy Seanez?

Or all star Takashi Saito?

Or money man Joe Beimel?

Oops. I forgot. You aren't Dodger fans. You're DePodesta fans.

Well shucks darn. maybe the Dodgers will creep back into 3rd palce before the AS break. Just to make you haters happy.

The Dodger haters continue to hate.
But I'm not takin the bait.

Martin said...

71and91 is right, as usual. Where is the Beimel blog (brought to you by Geico!)?

Although I am a little suspicious it was really 71and91. Where was the gay innuendo? Perhaps in honor of the country's birthday he decided to forgo the dick jokes.