Thursday, July 5, 2007

Other Facts Include: Grilling Steak Helps Fight Global Warming

My favorite Probably Not True Fact that I Just Made Up: all of Juan Pierre's good games come in Dodger losses.

It would be fairly easy to go back and check on this fact. He hasn't had all that many good games -- and I think for most of them I went out of my way to put the words "good game" into the post, so one could just search for that phrase. I remember the extrabase extravaganza in Florida, and that time he walked twice... ahhh, memories.... okay, seriously, there have a been a handful of other good games and it would be easy enough to see if they came in Dodger wins or losses. I'm not going to do that, though. I'm going to stick with my Probably Not True Fact that I Just Made Up and see if anyone notices.

Anyway, last nice, case in point. Good game for Juan Pierre. Mark Hendrickson performs about as well as could have been expected. Brett Tomko: Not So Much.

1. Doubled to center. Stole third.
2. Grounded to short. #279.
3. Doubled to left.
4. Singled to left.

That's a good game, made even better by this: bottom of the ninth, two out, Dodgers on first and second, Pierre due up, and... Little hits for him! Takes the bat out of his hands! On a night when he went three-for-four with two doubles and a SB! It didn't work out, which makes me sad, but it was still the right move. A very small step on the OutWatch's Long March to Victory, By Which I Mean Juan Pierre's Benching!

Pace: 531 outs. Juan falls way behind Rollins in the race after the Phillie shortstop goes 1-for-5. Rollins is at 283 outs. (Of course, bear in mind that Rollins is also OPSing 835 and plays shortstop, while Pierre is OPSing 642 from center field. Just sayin'.)


jimbilly4 said...

It is totally true.

Every cow you kill takes thousands of pounds of potential bovine methane production (a greenhouse gas) out of the atmosphere. They have to kill cows to make steak. Therefore grilling steaks fights global warming.

I can find no flaws in this logic.

jimbilly4 said...

What the hell man? You have like three games to go to get to the all star break and you are leaving us hanging! Juan was about to pass the half way point.

I think you are a Hater, as Juan had a decent weekend and the Dodgers still lost 3 of their last 4 games.

I will continue to taunt you until you post again. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Andrew Shimmin said...

Depends on what you call a good game. Here's Pierre's game log, listed by Total Bases per game. If the cut off is at four total bases, the Dodgers are 3-3 in good games for Pierre. I'd argue for moving it down to three, but that makes the point less funny. They're 7-4 in games in which he reaches base at least three times.

They're 0-4 in games in which Pierre gets a walk, but no hits. So, maybe walks really are overrated.