Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nothing to see here

Last night's game was like an accident on the 405. I just didn't wanna know. I tuned in about once a half-hour, saw that it'd gotten worse, and just stayed away. Cooked dinner for Mrs. Kavula instead.

Let's just count the outs and get ready for today's 12:10 game.

1. K, swinging. #310.
2. Flied to center. #311.
3. Singled to center.

That's it. Then Little put Kemp in center.

Let's put it behind us, boys! Go get 'em.


71and91 said...

Poor baby. Only 2 outs. Taken out of the game. How unfair. Stupid fuck. Pierre's like #6 in baseball in PA's you dumb fucking twat. OOOOHHH Pierre gets charged with an out on a successful suicide. Thank God you and the other numbnuts at Weismans cockfest don't make any of the Dodgers decisions. I thank God every day.

@ things I thank god for everyday. The firing of piece of shit Depodesta and the fact you twits are just that.....crying twits behind a keyboard.

Humma Kavula said...

You are fast! I'd barely posted and you'd already responded!

Thanks for the comment!

jimbilly4 said...

You make a very good point. A major reason Pierre has so many outs is that he has so many plate appearances. Counting outs is a dumb way to evaluate a player.

Juan has 113 hits, #8 in the NL. But wait, he has a lot of plate appearances. So counting hits is also a dumb way to evaluate a player.

I have always found the point of this blog was to point out that counting stats are a dumb way to evaluate players, particularly if you are going to ignore the context. Juan gets over 200 hits a year because he has so many plate appearances. He also gets over 500 outs. All that tells you is that he is a durable player, which is definitely of some value, don't get me wrong.

To put the counting statistics into perspective, you need to look at the rates he gets on base. His current rate, .316, is very low, especially when you add in that he has no power. This is the reason that despite being #6 in plate appearances, he is #1 in outs. See, context.

Personally I have gone back and forth on Pierre this year. When he was signed I thought it was OK. He wouldn't make a big impact, but he would steal some bases and it would be fun. Then Pierre had a truly terrible first half, by just about anyone's standards. Recently his game is coming on and I am drifting back into the ambivalent column. I'd rather have Kemp and Ethier play, but I don't presently see him as the main millstone around the Dodgers' necks. He is still way overpaid, but its not my checkbook (at least not directly).

This comment is clearly too long, but if I had to pick the biggest millstone as of this moment it would be Garciaparra. I love the guy, but his game has vanished and Betemit post-April is way outplaying him. They also need a 5th starting pitcher, but that is a need not a millstone...

Brock said...

Thank God you and the other numbnuts at Weismans cockfest don't make any of the Dodgers decisions. I thank God every day.

Wow. Somebody has a case of the Mondays! And it's Wednesday!

Humma Kavula said...

I'll say that the point of this blog is to point out that Juan Pierre is a highly overrated, seriously overpaid player whose spot in the lineup keeps the Dodgers from scoring as many runs as they otherwise might and whose paycheck keeps them from addressing issues elsewhere on the team.

And that when the GM of the Dodgers makes statements like "he gets on base an awful lot" to describe this player, it strikes me that he may not realize that he has better options available. All we're doing is trying to help Mr. Colletti realize that.

The Juan Pierre OutWatch: We're Here to Help.

Martin said...

Yeah, and don't get me started on Chad Billingsley.

jimbilly4 said...

Yeah, Billz can take his zero losses and jam them up his tailpipe. He is clearly our problem.

BTW - Why am I never invited to the cockfest? Every year I clear the date and every year no invitation. I mean, who do I have to blow to get into the cockfest?!

[Consults with attorney]

Oh. Never mind.