Friday, July 27, 2007

Big Frank bunted and scored. But Juan?

Things have been cuh-ray-zee at work. Boss is out, meaning I get to do his job in addition to my own. Swell.

But last night I got a chance to catch up with my favorite team and my least favorite player.

1. Singled to short. Erased on Martin's double play.
2. Singled to left. Stole second, went to third on the throwing error, would score.
3. Lined to second. #338.
4. Bunted out to the pitcher. #339.

Then replaced in a double-switch.

Not a bad game for Juan. Not bad at all. 2-for-4 with a stolen base. Fine.

But let's talk about that fourth at-bat. 7th inning, Dodgers holding on to a 2-run lead. Bullpen, as everyone knows, is pretty taxed (tho that's been better very recently) and as a result has been slightly shaky (tho that too has been better recently). Takashi Saito sat out seven games with pain in his back -- who knows if he'd be effective. Any more runs the Dodgers could get would be extremely useful.

There are two out. Dodgers are on first and third. I'll remind you -- two out.

Pierre bunts. With two out, he bunts.

I mean, did he expect that to work? That only seems to work in Danny Kaye songs.

Juan is supposed to be good at this, but he has not impressed me so far. Seriously, unless this supposedly prodigious talent somehow starts showing up, the only way he's gonna reach base is through the Miller-Hiller-Haller Halleujah Twist.

Pace is 533 outs. Juan is still in the major league lead with two outs more than Rollins, but the Phillies have still played two fewer games than the Dodgers. That is some stellar outmaking by J-Roll.


jimbilly4 said...

If Juan had 20 HRs you would have shut down your web site in shame long ago.

Rollins performance goes to show that a silly counting stat like Outs does not actually mean much. Rollins may make 540 outs while hitting 30 HRs with a .850 OPS.

Similarly, one can get 200 hits and still be bad, which has always been the point to me.

Humma Kavula said...

I suppose you would say the same thing about 753 home runs, huh? Huh?!

You, sir, are letting a silly thing like logic get in the way of a perfectly good time.

This site does not have a point, other than this: Juan Pierre should be benched.

We will go on making that point in one of the most inane ways you can imagine.

jimbilly4 said...

If the home runs were hit over 50 years, yes I would discount them.

Over the twenty year career of one player... That is an impressive stat.

But your mentioning of a career milestone statistic leads me to consider a bizarre postscript:

Juan is averaging right around 200 hits a year. Even in this really off-year he is on pace to hit 192. While I imagine such a speed-based player will fall off dramatically as he hits 33-34, he is still going to pile up a whole mess of hits.

What I am getting at is it would not be crazy to see Juan make it to 3000 hits, the automatic hall of fame level.

Let's say he continues to average 200 hits a year until 33.
He will then be at 2240 hits (roughly). Juan has also shown himself to very durable, so it may not be totally insane that he will have a long career. If he averages 150 hits a year at this stage he only has to play until 38 to break the 3000 mark. I think a more sharp fall-off is likely, probably even sooner than we think, but that would be the ultimate HOF contradiction, a 700 OPS guy with 3000 hits.

And even more importantly, if that were to happen, would your head explode?

Humma Kavula said...

My head exploded just thinking about it.



Now I have bits of brain all over my computer.

My WORK computer, too. Sheesh. said...


jimbilly4 said...

Looks like you are not the only one to have their head go off.