Monday, July 16, 2007


Language is a funny thing: the only meaning words have is how they are used. Sure, dictionaries are useful reference tools, but they do not so much define words as chronicle their usage.

Today's redefinition: the phrase "pretty terrific."

After Juan posts this on Sunday:

1. Bunt single, in which Juan runs both inside and outside the baseline, yet is not called out. Lucky Pierre!
2. Lined to center. #304.
3. Walked.
4. Sacrifice -- another successful squeeze. #305.
5. Ground to short. #306.

...that means that for the weekend, Juan was 5-for-14, all singles, with a walk. Couple of sacrifices mixed in there.

We can call that "pretty terrific." .357/.400/.357. But remember: this is the very, very best we can expect from Juan Pierre. This is his amazing hitting streak. This is, for Pierre, like Furcal's three-straight four-hit games; this is Pierre's version of Loney's debut this year. This is what it looks like when everything is clicking for Juan. And I have to say: it's good, no doubt about it, but not... what's the word... great. When everything is clicking for other players, they become unstoppable offensive forces; they become Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb for a week. When everything is clicking for Juan Pierre, he becomes Shane Victorino for a week. He becomes a useful player, and that's all. Useful.

It's sad to me that I now define "useful" -- even "very useful" -- as being synonymous with "pretty terrific." I used to have a higher standard for the pretty terrific. Now I just want useful. What have I become?

While I'd agree that it's meanspirited to pick on Juan after his... sigh... pretty terrific weekend -- after all, the Dodgers swept the Giants and moved into first place, and I'm a happy fan -- I'll point out that this weekend only put into focus what I hate about this guy. While it's nice to see everything go right for him -- finally -- it just reminds me that a player who needs everything to go right in order to be useful is not a player I want on my team.

Juan's pace is 539 outs. He remains the major league leader in outs made, five ahead of Rollins and six ahead of Uggla.


71and91 said...

Are you the same dumbfuck that had the Choi Central site?

God you're a lame fuck.

Dodgers keep rolling.
Trolls keep trolling you fucking bitch.

But I'll ignore the Dodger hate.
I won't the haters bait.

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71and91 said...

I won't take the haters bait.

Fuck off Dodger hater.

Humma Kavula said...

Thank you, as always, for your comments! I really appreciate you coming back to fix your little rhyme -- meter is important to me.

I'm glad you're back, because it means either (a) Pierre is playing well, or (b) the Dodgers are winning, or (c) both. Turns out the current case is (c), so long as you have a somewhat liberal definition of "playing well," which was the point of my post.

You are welcome any time, of course. We just only seem to see you on the hot streaks here.

Thanks again for stopping by!

jimbilly4 said...

Seven repeats of

"71 and 91 ....fuck you DePodesta"

Is there a numerological significance there? A seventh son of a seventh son kind of thing? Some sort of salt over the shoulder, don't step on a crack, whistle past the graveyard kind of superstition?

I become more and more disturbed by the constant references to Depodesta, a person to whom Humma never refers in the actual blog entries. I believe even among the comments the only time Depodesta comes up is after 71and91 describes his desire to perform some sort of bestial act on his person.

So much mis-directed and obsessive hate-mongering... Could it be some sort of bizarre self-loathing?

Oh my God, could 71and91 actually be Depodesta? Unable to forgive himself for the poor 2005 Dodger season he now roams the internet, randomly attacking himself with incomprehensible obscenity on any baseball blog he can find in a twisted cry for help?

We are there for you big guy. Come in from the cold. It is ok to forgive yourself. No need to continue demands to suck your own cock. We are all friends here.

I LOVE YOU said...