Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Making Things Happen

Fun win last night and a fun night at the ballpark. Pierre played a big part -- really swinging the bat well lately and a terror on the basepaths.

Last night's game, though, was an example of why we don't like the guy even when he does well. We do not like his game.

Here's his start, which helped the Dodgers, nodoubtaboutit:

1. Infield single. Would steal third and score.
2. Singled to right. Would steal second and score.

The stolen bases were fun to watch, no doubt -- if by fun you mean anxiety-inducing, which we do. Juan's been getting such a better jump the last few weeks that it's hard to begrudge him this success.

Hard, but not impossible.

The thing is, Juan would have scored both his runs whether he'd stolen those bases or stayed put. On the first, he was on second after the Martin grounder; Nomar eventually doubled, which would have brought him in (as he'd still have been on second after Loney's flyout). On the second, just after Juan stole second, Martin walked (which would have pushed Juan to second anyway) and then Kent homered. So whatever the risk of the stolen base was -- even if Juan was 90% probable to have those two bases stolen -- it shows why the stolen base is rarely worth the risk.

You can say that with those two SBs, Juan was "making things happen," but we believe that it was not Juan but the extra base hits, slugged by Garciaparra and Kent, that made things happen. The stolen bases are footnotes.

Anyway, that's good enough production for one day, so Juan called it quits from there.

3. Grounded to short. #307.
4. Grounded into double play. #308 & #309.

Of course, even though we don't like his game, there's no denying that Juan's playing well right now. He is reaching base at a very acceptable clip, which is his job, and he is scoring runs, which is also his job. However he chooses to do that is up to him. The OutWatch feels that the way he is choosing to do it is a method that isn't likely to last long, but all we can do is keep on top of the situation, point out when the hot streak ends, and repeat and repeat the meme. You can count on us to do that.

* * *

Juan's last ten games: .362/.375/.447 with 6SB and 1CS. That's great, of course. If he does that for the rest of the season, he'll be a valuable player. Let's just say that we're not shutting down the OutWatch just yet.

* * *

Juan's pace: 538 outs, which would be a Dodger record by a fair margin (20 outs) and the fourth-highest single-season total of all time.

Juan's lead over the other outmakers: 6 outs.


71and91 said...

Dodgers continue to roll.
Trolls continue to troll.

Haters continue to hate.
But I'm not taking the bait.

So what happened to Choi Central you dumb fucking douche?

It's not hard to figure out your agenga you Dodger hater. You pissed 71-91 DePo was canned. You hate Colletti. It boils your blood he's in the midst of his 2nd consecuitve successful season.


You want the Dodger to fail. Get a life troll.

oldbear/joeyp said...

Just put these casual fans in an iggy bin. That's what I do.

Then I shout.....IGGY BIN!!!!

I'm a fellow Dodger hater too, Hamula. You probably see my posts at DT a lot. You've noticed I've kind of quit posting. I hide in my own personal iggy bin when the Dodgers are playing well.

My motto since 2005 has been "Dodgers baseball for me......meh".

I'm sure you agree Colletti's Dodgers are reminiscet of the mid 90's. Decent but will never contend. This is what we are in store for until Colletti is fired. This team is poised for an 84-78 record. That's what I predicted at the brginning of the season.

I predicted 78-84 for 2006.
I predicted 95-100 wins in 2005.

I'm an excellent predictor.

Humma Kavula said...

Thanks for your comments!

Actually, I kind of like Colletti, and that's admiration he's earned. I was afraid when he was hired that he would trade away all of the young players, who I'd followed since they were in Jacksonville, for mediocre veterans. While some of that has occurred, it's only been with prospects whose stock has fallen greatly. For the most part, he's protected them, and now those players are in the majors and playing well. That is due to Colletti and he deserves credit for it.

The reason this blog exists is because Juan Pierre's existence on the team is so contrary to the things that Colletti has done well. Giving him a huge, 5-year deal when better options (namely Kemp) were already in the fold and ready to go was not a good move and my point is that even if Pierre plays well, the Dodgers still have better options.

Every GM makes good moves and bad moves; I believe that Colletti's overall leadership has been more good than bad for the Dodgers. I have not called for him to be fired, because I don't believe he should be. Rather, this blog is here to help him see the error of his ways on his one truly terrible move.

So thanks again for visiting and expressing your point of view. You're always welcome here, and you're welcome to comment as you see fit.

P.S. I predicted an 84-78 record for the Dodgers this year. They are currently on pace for a 92-60 record, which would outpace my prediction... but that's all moot, because I believe the team would be even better without You-Know-Who.

Martin said...

Can you be a troll on your own blog? It's so confusing.

I'm personally rooting that 71and91/BlueTahoe/BlueGold/TSKent never takes the bait no matter how often he posts. He needs to work on his typing skills however. And please bring back the dick jokes.

71and91 said...

Not takin the hate bait. Not gonna do it.

Humma Kavula would rather Pierre fail and say he right, then Pierre succeed and say he's wrong. Kavula's a hater. Just like most posters at DT.

Most aren't up to levels of a d4p or joeyp/oldbear. But it's there.

Read d4p's posts. All smartassy. d4p's a Grade A hater. Kavula's a Grade B hater.

Weisman's a grade C hater. He continues to let obvious Grade A posters like d4p and joeyp post.

Weisman is in to the Depo cock suck fest. He encourages it quite subteley.

Now back to hating..Dodger haters.

Excuse me while I enjoy this fine run. May you think back fondly on Choi, APerez, and the likes.

Martin said...

Now THAT'S the 71and91 we all know and love.

71and91 said...

For a good laugh at the stupidity of some of Weismans cock sucking Dodger haters....


71and91 said...


71and91 said...

Never mind. For shits and giggles just check out the archives of old shit fromm cock sucking Weisman's site.

In hindsite the Beane/Depo asslickers get nothing right yet they still act snobby and smarter than anyone else.

Its a fucking laugh riot.

Any of you fuckers going to any road games? Wanna know why I'm asking. So I can beat your asses.

Humma Kavula said...

Thanks again for your comments.

I take issue with your suggestion that I would rather see Pierre fail than succeed and be forced to admit that I'm wrong. I've gone out of my way to point out his success over the last couple of weeks.

Also, you keep calling me a hater, but what is it exactly that I hate? The Dodgers? No, I love the Dodgers. I love 'em enough that I post about them nearly every single day. What I hate is the player who, I believe, is the worst player on the team, yet commands a salary that prohibits them from addressing other issues.

If Pierre continues to hit .362 the rest of the way, I will hang my head in shame and disgrace, because he'll obviously be a boon to the team. But here's the thing: if he's hitting any less than .320, with his complete lack of power, there are better options.

Thanks again for helping to make this site the special place that it is.

71and91 said...

You don't fool me dickweed.

Where's the pro-Dodger blog you hater?

You DT douchebags will still find something to complain about even if the Dodgers win the 07 WS.

Best record in the league and all you people do is bitch and whine. Bitch and whine.

You want Pierre to fail.. You know it. I know it. You're a hater. Plain and simply.

I got a message from joeyp and d4p. They say there dicks are sore and tender from consantly fucking Weisman in the ass.

Humma Kavula said...

I don't have a pro-Mrs. Kavula blog, either, but it doesn't mean that I hate her.

I do, however, wish that she would stop bunting whenever she sees a man on first. That's getting quite annoying.

71and91 said...

Why don't you make yourself useful and ask d4p and joeyp (he'll come oout of hiding when the Dodgers lose 2 in a row) over at dumbfuck Weisman's site if they are going to be at any Dodger road games for the rest of this season. And if so, where.

I would love the opportunity to punch those douchebags in the face.

71and91 said...

You don't have an anti-Mrs. Kavula blog either you blathering idiot.

71and91 said...

d4p lives in North Carolina I see. May I suggest you take a roadie in early August. Talk Dodger hate to me and I'll knock you on your ass you whiny motherfucker.

Humma Kavula said...

Ah, finally -- you've levelled an insult at me that's probably accurate!

Motherfucker? No.
Dodger hater? Nope.
Blathering idiot? Guilty.

jimbilly4 said...


I have a vision of an angry man, a dingy computer, and a mostly empty bottle of Jack Daniels.

IGGY BIN? Seriously, what does that mean?

I am afraid you have drifted somewhere farther than I can reach.