Sunday, July 22, 2007

Freak show

Wow, I'm glad I didn't watch that.

1. Flied to right. #323.
2. Flied to left. #324.
3. Flied to left. #325.
4. Flied to center. #326.
5. Walked. Stole second, advanced to third on wild pitch, stranded.

Sad for Broxton and sad for Kemp. They are two of the guys on this team who are getting it done, and I'm guessing -- from the play-by-play -- that they are going to get called out in tomorrow's dog trainer. Too bad.

We know, we still owe the treatise on sacrifices, but we just don't have it in us. It's been a tough week at Chez Kavula. We'll get to it, I promise.


jimbilly4 said...

Sad for Kemp. He should have been wearing least those flip down kind. Also sad that he struck out, although Wagner is kind of a nasty...

Not so sad for Broxton although I am sure someone will blame him. He did his job, not his fault that an outfielder dropped a routine. fly ball. Even if it had been an earned run, no pitcher is perfect. The great relievers never seem to give up more than 1-2 runs, showing that generally the only way to beat them is luck. If Saito is unhurt the Dodgers win, as it is very rare event that both Broxton and Saito give up a run.

It is the Dodgers devastated bullpen that is losing them games. They definitely need to get Hull and Meloan up here, but I am starting to think at least one more proven arm might be wise. If it is a rental I don't give up any of the big names, but if we want to win this year some kid will have to go. Delwyn and a rookie pitcher is probably the sort of package we would be thinking of...

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