Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back on the horse

I am writing this in the sixth inning of a scoreless tie... and I'll say that this is one of Juan's best games as a Dodger so far (following one of his worst), no matter what happens from here. Good for Juan to put this together after yesterday.

He was batting leadoff today in a lineup shuffle -- Furcal was sitting. I'm not sure where it matters where Pierre bats -- leadoff, 2nd, 8th -- I think he is who he is. That said, I could be wrong -- if there's something psychological that makes him better suited for leadoff than second, then put him there. Since there's neither downside nor upside -- it's likely not to make a difference at all -- why not try it, just in case I'm wrong about the upside?

1. Bunt single! Blind squirrel, meet acorn. Pierre steals second, but is stranded at 3rd. Still, good job... this is what Colletti envisioned when he signed Pierre, and it sure is fun to watch. It just doesn't happen often enough.
2. Juan comes up in the third with two out and nobody on. Walks on four pitches! WALKS!
3. Leading off the sixth, Juan works the count full (!!) and then strokes a line drive base hit! Got to second on Martin's grounder and then stole third!
4. Grounded to pitcher. #120.

This is a tough loss, but hand it to the Marlins for coming through in the clutch. Juan did everything he could. Good game.


jimbilly4 said...

Didn't realize this game was so early today... goes to show what happens to the offense when Martin has an off day.

Say, why didn't Martin have an honest to goodness off day? Day after night usually means rest the catcher. I suppose since we were also resting LaRoche(?), Kent, and Furcal, Little felt someone had to stay in. He has got to give Martin more days off. Ithink he was tired today and he will be whipped by year end. We have 10 interleague games where he can be our DH, but he needs more rest than that.

Sorry to drift off topic, but when Juan has a good game and we still lose, it is tough to think of what to say.

jimbilly4 said...

Four days withot Juan-Hate? Say it ain't so!

Are you having trouble getting up venom because te Dodgers are winning? Do I need to ask the new JoeyP to come by and give you his special something something? Will I just phrase everything from now on in the form of a question?

ArtHTracy said...

Out leaders through 5/13:

129 JP (318/321/639)
126 F Lopez (298/342/640)
126 B Abreu (312/291/603)
124 J Rollins (335/539/874)
124 M Cameron (271/287/558)
123 B Phillips (329/468/797)
123 D Uggla (326/460/786)
121 R Zimmerman (301/355/656)
121 N Markakis (323/412/735)
120 M Young (258/397/655)