Sunday, May 6, 2007


Just trying to get caught up... yes, I realize that I'm already behind.

So far, my weekend consists of this: "Porgy and Bess" at the LA Opera is good. "Spider-Man 3" is also good, and made a lot of money.

1. Singled to center; picked off first. #100.
2. Singled to right.
3. Fielder's choice, #101.
4. Ground into double play, #102 and 103.

Pace is 556 outs.


ArtHTracy said...

Out leaders through 5/6:

106 JP*, M Young
104 F Lopez
103 M Cameron
102 N Markakis, B Abreu
101 D Uggla, B Phillips, J Rollins
100 R Zimmerman, E Chavez

* I don't think counted the
pickoff as a CS.

Mora drops off. Carlos Lee follows up his 30 out week with a 10 out
week. Abreu, Rollins and Chavez hop on.

jimbilly4 said...

Who does this Michael Young fellow think he is? I demand he make less outs, otherwise I will be forced to start a Micahel Young Outwatch and lets face it, that just doesn't have the same ring.

A pick off should be labeled a Caught Stealing. You were caught leading too far off the base. A busted hit and runis called a caught stealing (or stolen base). You don't want to risk getting picked off, try standing much closer to the base. If one is going to start a whole new catagory (Pick-Offs) then that clearly needs to be added to the Outs.

I demand an Out recount!