Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tastes like chicken

I have said all along that I would like nothing better than for Juan to make me eat my words... and today, he did.

In not only his best game as a Dodger, but quite possibly the best game of his major league career, Juan smacked a triple and three doubles. That's unambiguously good (despite his getting picked off second. What was he thinking?).

So, for one day, I eat crow. Keep it up, Juan.

1. Tripled to right. Would come around and score.

2. Doubled to center. Would get picked off! Aaarrrggghh! What would happen if you just stopped making stupid, stupid outs? Addendum #3.

3. He answered my question: Doubled to right. Got Penny to third, but Furcal failed to get 'em home with two out.

4. Doubled to left. Scored.

5. Flied to center. #172.

Juan Pierre started Tuesday at .274/.307/.307, and finished the day at .286/.317/.341. 44 points of OPS in one game. Wow.

In honor of his great day, I will not list his pace. Congratulations, Juan. Please, please keep it up.


jimbilly4 said...

Small note on your addendums:

I may be getting confused, but I am fairly certain a HBP does not count as an at bat.

Clearly, you can do your addendums any way you please, but I thought the point was to add outs not being counted by the formula (i.e., pickoffs and base-running errors) and remove those outs that did not occur (errors). An error is an at bat, I believe, but if no out was recorded it is not fair to get one because the standard formula doesn't subtract errors.

Of course it was such a great HBP you may just want to note it forever just as equally you note the crappy missed squeeze sign.

jimbilly4 said...

This was one of those rare days that Pierre lost a plate appearance batting #2 instead of #1. How many times has Furcal made the last out with Pierre hitting behind him? This is the first I can recall, but it probably happens more often than that...

Bottom line, if he misses the record by one he can thank Furcal.