Monday, May 7, 2007


I have made an error: the pick-off does not count as an "official out." It goes to the addendum.

Which means Juan entered yesterday with only 102 outs, not 103. The Outwatch regrets the error.

1. Walked... and picked off. Again. But this one went as a Caught Stealing. Official Scorers are fickle creatures. #103.
2. K. #104.
3. Flied to left. #105.
4. Fouled to third. #106.



jimbilly4 said...

Once again I issue my official demand that the scorer add a Caught Stealing to the 5/5 Pick-Off. If he isn't take a big lead for a potential steal, he isn't picked off.

Oh, and this Out statistic sucks. But that was noted early on. At this pace we will have 10-15 extra outs in the addendum file. That could be the difference between the record and just another terrible season.

Humma Kavula said...

The Out stat does suck, but it doesn't suck enough to be overhauled. It's not the save statistic, after all, which was awarded at the scorer's discretion. That was ridiculous.

Juan has a real good shot at the record: he's pretty much the same awful hitter he's been - just slightly worse, but not so much worse that he'll get pulled from the lineup any day soon. (The one exception is that his power is down, even for him. Welcome to Dodger Stadium, Juan.) He's on pace for 193 hits and a stack of runs, which will keep him in the lineup to record out after out.

When will Michael Young start hitting? This is a guy who's gotten MVP votes every year for the last three years (OK, so last year it was one tenth-place vote -- it still counts).

He was not a good bet to be challeging Juan for the title of Least Valuable Regular Major Leaguer, and yet, here he is.

Humma Kavula said...

Oh and I just noticed... guess which stats are way up for Juan this year...

Strikeouts and Sacrifces.

I wonder how many of those SACs are Little-minded ideas, and how many are Juan's little-minded ideas, if I may make a pun on the name of our manager.