Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Now leading off for the Dodgers...

"You really can't blame Juan Pierre," went one argument over the past two weeks or so. "He's a leadoff guy. His whole career he's been a leadoff guy. Now he's being asked to hit second, which is a whole different beast. Let's jump start him by switching around the lineup."

I didn't see much point in this. Is batting second really all that different from batting first? Isn't a batter likelier to see BETTER pitches to hit with a guy on -- especially Juan Pierre, who's actually been OK (10-for-23) with RISP this year? We know that batting order doesn't matter all that much -- would moving him to leadoff make any difference?

It was that last question that made me decide not to argue all that hard against moving Pierre to leadoff. If it doesn't make much difference, why not try, just in case I'm wrong and there's something psychological that Pierre likes about batting leadoff?

In the Dodgers' most recent tussle -- with the Brewers -- Grady Little decided to give it a shot. How'd it go, Grady?

1. K, swinging. #151.
2. Grounded to third. #152.
3. Grounded to first. #153.
4. Grounded into fielder's choice. #154. (Stole second.)
5. Hit by pitch.

Pace: 554 outs.

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