Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Juan-for-three (plus two)

At a first glance at the box score, Juan doesn't seem so horrible. 1-for-3.

Dig a little deeper, though: with two sacrifices. OK, anybody can make four outs in one game.

And twice was the third out with the bases loaded.

Once again, the Dodgers are saved by their pitching becuase Juan can't come through. That's good, but it cannot and will not last. Pretty please, Juan, with sugar on top, please start hitting.

1. Single to center.
2. Flied to left. #90.
3. Sacrifice. #91.
4. Flied to left. #92.
5. Sacrifice. #93.

Pace: 558 outs.

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jimbilly4 said...

While I know we are counting sacrifice bunts as outs (totally legit) but you can hardly fault Juan for doing what his manager told him to do.

Now why you would want your #2 hitter sacrificing twice in the ball game is another question, particularly his third at bat. It just goes to show the cognitive dissonance.

On the one level you think he is a "hell of a hitter" and bat him #2. On another you think you would be better served to have him sacrifice an out rather than swing his bat. The sad thing is both are incorrect. Even a .276 hitting singles-master gives you a better chance to score more runs than a sacrifice bunt.