Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Businessman's special

I figured out where Roger Clemens decided to pitch: in Mark Hendrickson's body. Odd choice, to be sure, but the Dodgers are better for it.

1. K, swinging. Good thing this guy is so hard to strike out. #94.
2. Single to right. Erased on Nomar's double play, but that's not his fault.
3. Single to right, knocking in Furcal. A rare RBI! Good stuff.
4. Grounder to second. #95.

Juan's pace: 549 outs.

1 comment:

jimbilly4 said...

Who is this Hendrickson guy? The Hendrickson I know falls down when he pitches which makes me laugh. This guy makes me want to erect a bronze statue.

Admittedly I then want to push it over and laugh, but I would do that to with any statue. Things falling over are funny.