Sunday, May 27, 2007

Juan takes one for the team

Just as Juan Pierre seemed to be set up for his most useless day yet...

1. Flied to left. #168.
2. Flied to center. #169.
3. Flied to right. #170.
4. Flied to right. #171.

... there he was in the 11th, up with the bases loaded and nobody out.

"Ya know, self," said I, alone on the couch, after having placed the lovely and talented Mrs. Kavula on a plane, "If there's one guy on this team who you want up with the bases loaded, it's Juan Pierre. He's extraordinarily likely to put the ball in play. If he does what he's done all day, the good guys win. If he hits a grounder to the right side, that'll very likely do it, too. Let's see what he can do."

5. Hit by pitch. RBI.

Dodgers win!

It wasn't the best hit involving Juan Pierre all season, or the prettiest, but it did the job. Good job, Juan, to take one for the team.

(As long as this is the day that Humma Kavula kinda sorta lays off Juan Pierre -- I mean, I did point out his four fly balls, didn't I? -- let's point out that he also made a nice catch in the top of the 11th on DeRosa's looping liner.)

OK, Juan, vacation's over. You're still on pace for 554 outs.

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