Saturday, May 19, 2007

Some runs would be nice

Anytime the Dodgers would like to start hitting would be okay with me.

How about....nnnnow. Okay, nnnnnnow. I'm serious, guys. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnow.

It may be ridiculous to make this criticism when they were facing Jered Weaver. I recognize that. Still: sigh.

1. K, swinging. #145.
2. Flied to center. #146.
3. Flied to right. #147.
4. Doubled! Got to third! Stranded.

The beat goes on. Juan's on pace for 553 outs now. Heavens to murgatroid, this is a tough record to beat -- he makes three outs and loses ground.

Omar Moreno, you were a golden god. Or the exact opposite of a golden god. Whatever.

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