Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You take the good with the bad, I guess

It's very good that the Dodgers finally beat the Cardinals. It's been a long time, and it's good to see.

It's even better than it comes on the return to form of Rafael Furcal, who has busted his slump big time, with 12 hits in his last three games. He's raised his average from .214 to .297. He's raised his OPS from an anemic .579 to a still-low-but-approaching-healthy .729 in three days. Rafael Furcal hitting like Rafael Furcal is key to the Dodgers chances this year and his return is welcome.

Of course, this game also featured a classic performance from Juan-for-five.

1. Flied to left. #134.
2. Flied to left. #135.
3. Doubled to right!! woo hoo!! Scored Furcal, and would come around to score.
4. Grounded to first. #136.
5. Fielder's choice. #137.

Pace: 555 outs.


jimbilly4 said...

That double was about as solidly hit as anything I have seen Pierre whack all year. And he still only put it about 320 feet. I now wonder how he manages that 1 HR a year he seems to get... Strong winds?

Mocking aside, if he hit more like that, this blog would not exist.

71and91 said...

Dodgers keep rolling.
Weismam's cock suck hateres keep trolling

71 and 91...... BITCHES

jimbilly4 said...

I could have sworn I said something complementary about Juan's double. I was snarky about his lack of power, but I don't think that comes as a surprise to anyone.

I am also confused by the structure of
"Weismam's cock suck hateres"

It is not clear who is sucking, what they are sucking, whose cock it is, who is hating or what they are hating. Misplaced modifiers, my friend. Misplaced modifiers.