Sunday, May 20, 2007

Still waiting

Still waiting for runs. Holding my breath

1. Popped to center. #148.
2. Flied to center. #149.
3. Fouled to third. #150.
4. Singled to left! Would score the Dodgers' only run of the day on Kent's double!

....................................and, exhale. Phew!

Very little, certainly too late.

Pace: 552 outs.


jimbilly4 said...

I have discovered the silver lining in this (let's face it) mean-spirited look at a run for one of baseball's least coveted records.

If the Dodger offense keeps flailing, Juan will never break the record. He likes to get one hit a game, but 1 for 4 just will not get it done. He needs the 1 for 5 to pile up the outs. Only if the rest of the Dodgers are rolling can that happen.

So for those of you who think this is entirely an exercise in "Dodger-hating", you couldn't be more wrong.

Only if the Dodger offense is rolling (and the Dodgers are assumedly winning) can Juan make a run at the record. So really, I think we all need to get behind the Outwatch, because it might just carry us into the post-season and beyond.

Humma Kavula said...

Wow. We at the OutWatch are big fans of twisted logic, but even the folks at Snyder's of Hanover wouldn't know what to make of that argument. Only by embracing Juan Pierre's outmaking ability can Dodger fans have hope for the postseason?

Here is another path to success: Juan Pierre makes zero more outs for the Dodgers, as he is released, and Matt Kemp plays center field.

ArtHTracy said...

OK, out leaders through 5/20:

150 JP
146 F Lopez
145 J Rollins
145 M Young
144 D Uggla
143 R Zimmerman
142 B Abreu
141 B Phillips
140 N Markakis
139 D DeJesus
139 M Cameron
139 E Chavez
139 T Wiggington

jimbilly4 said...

Yes, but in the world we live in Juan Piere is going to play in 160 games this year and he is not going to drop out of the top two positions in the batting order.

He cost 44 million dollars and is not really doing anything different thatn he has the past couple of years. The manager can't even platoon him without making the GM look like an ass. We do not want to see another manager/GM clash a la Tracy/Depodesta. Say what you want about either guy, having them work at cross purposes only made things worse.

Presently I think the absolute best case scenario is a blockbuster trade that moves Pierre along with several other players (mostly pitchers). Probably we eat some salary as well, but if the deal is splashy enough it can all be swept under the carpet. While not a likely scenario, sadly I think it is your best chance at seeing Pierre out of the line-up.

ArtHTracy said...

We hit the 1/4 mark last Thursday.

At that point, JP was averaging 742 outs per 1000 TPA which put him at the 22nd percentile. The median was 697 outs per 1000 TPA for Tori Hunter.

JP's OPS was .617, which put him at the 20th percentile. The median OPS was the .743 of Shane Victorino.

The following is a projection of JP's year end stats, versus Victorino's stats if he was allowed to play until accumulating the same number of outs as Juan:

JP - Victorino

Outs: 557 - 557
AB: 695 - 730
Hits: 194 - 202
S: 174 - 149
2B: 16 - 43
3B: 4 - 0
HR: 0 - 10
BB: 28 - 82
HBP: 0 - 13
SB: 59 - 72
CS: 20 - 10
SF: 4 - 5
SH: 24 - 5
GDP: 8 - 10

There you have it - Juan versus the median.

ArtHTracy said...

I think your scenario is near-fetched - along the lines of throwing in Encarnacion on the Marlins deal. But Colleti needs to do it before JP builds up heart and soul cred.

ArtHTracy said...

Imagine Russell Martin playing CF and batting second.
It's easy if you try...


Outs: 557 - 557
AB: 695 - 769
H: 194 - 245
S: 174 - 167
2B: 16 - 61
3B: 4 - 6
HR: 0 - 11
BB: 28 - 95
HBP: 0 - 11
SB: 59 - 39
CS: 20 - 0
SF: 4 - 17
SH: 24 - 0
GDP: 8 - 17

aaahhh - can't have Russ batting second, doesn't sacrifice, grounds into too many DPs. Btw, for Russ's suitors, 850 OPS, 78th percentile - mmmmmm, dreamy.

Russ is an athlete isn't he? Didn't Biggio make his way from catcher to center field?